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Total Residential Solutions brings to their business a wealth of knowledge and experience spanning two generations. Noah served his apprenticeship under the guidance of his father, John, gleaning extensive knowledge from the qualified 

carpenters he worked alongside during his apprenticeship years. The business has evolved over time to where there has been a role-reversal for the father-son team.

Noah and John have extensive backgrounds in modern architectural residential projects within New Zealand and the UK. In recent years, modern architecture, new homes and renovation/remodels have been their main focus.

Our Building and Renovating Philosophy:

Total Residential Solutions believes that through working closely with clients, particularly at the initial consultation stage, a realistic appraisal of potential costs and complexity of each project can be gauged. We will adhere closely to clients’ individual desires, whether humble or grand. From finish effects to environmental policies of products and appliances, your wishes are fully catered to throughout the entire project.

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